Rocky Shoals 2010

The color of this wine and the grapes implies that it is a red wine, but in fact the Merlot and Cabernet Franc were treated as white wines.  The result is a light red sparkling wine. Red, it is, but with the lightness that you expect for a sparkling wine.  It's light --- and brighter and sweeter than its cousins, White Shoals and Pink Shoals.

Sparkling wines have become all the rage, and sparkling cocktail drinks even more so.  Think of this Rocky Shoals as a cocktail sparkler, with the Chambourcin adding something of a Cassis or Chambourd quality to a light Champagne. It garnered a Silver Medal at the 2013 Wine Masters Choice Competition. 

How did we get the name Rocky Shoals? Here is the story:

Just south of Woodlawn Farm is Point Lookout, a promontory of land-meets-sea known for its rocky shoals. Twenty-five years ago, our friend Giles Gerard sailed a daring personal mission in his wooden craft boat, Mon Coquin, arriving safely in America from Paris before crashing unexpectedly on the rocky shoals at Point Lookout. This sparkling red honors the courage of Frenchmen like Giles who sail independently and fearlessly to a new land, then serve as selfless ambassadors to teach the rest of the world about terroir, fois gras, specialty herbs and red wines. Rocky Shoals also pays tribute to the extraordinary wine maker Eric Fry, who taught us to make red wines in the classic Bordeaux style, yet encouraged our unbridled experimentation elsewhere.  

Thanks, Giles.  And special thanks, Eric. 

Silver medal, 2013 Winemasters Choice Awards.

  • Type: Sparkling
  • Volume: 750 ml
  • Grape: Merlot 60%, Cab Franc 20%, Chambourcin 20%
  • Vineyard: Jubilee Farm
  • Harvest Date: September, 2010
  • Harvest Sugar: 21.5°/23°/23.5° Brix
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Bottling Date: November 2, 1012
  • Release Date: November 24, 2012
  • Case Production: 140

Rocky Shoals - 750 ml

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